1. If used in or between trees, across streets or in any situation where cable is subject to stretching, guide/catenary wire should be used.
  2. The most durable results are obtained when the holders are installed facing downwards. This can be achieved by using guide wires & cable ties.
  3. Festoon lighting must be installed in accordance with Clause 3.35 of AS3000 and the maximum loading must not exceed 10 amps.

Note: Not to be used in locations subject to extreme weather conditions.

Step 1: Measure, Plan & Prepare

First you need to measure both your festoon lights and the install area to determine how much catenary wire you will need to span across the open spaces. When measuring, be sure to give yourself enough length to get to your power source if you are trying to avoid using extension cables. With the catenary wire, be sure to allow enough to loop the cable back on itself at all mounting points (adding about 35cm to each span of wire should be sufficient).Make sure you have everything you need before you start:

  • Your new LED Festoon Lighting
  • Catenary Wire, Turnbuckles & Hooks (Choose stainless steel for a longer lasting finish)
  • Wire cutters
  • Cable Ties

Step 2: Attach Hooks

Start by attaching your screw hooks to you chosen mounting points. Make suryou are attaching to a sturdy surface.Generally speaking, festoon lighting is hung in a zig zag pattern over the open space - see some inspiration photos above if you are unsure of the look you want to go for.On a bit of a side note - you will get a much sturdier install if you install each run of catenary wire individually, even when the festoon lighting is continuous.

Step 3: Connect & Tighten Cable

With the screw hooks in place, it's time to hang the cable. Connect the catenary cable to the turnbuckle at one end, and the screw hook at other end of each run.Tighten the turnbuckle to obtain a taught wire.

Step 4: Attach The Festoon Lights

After the catenary wire is installed, it's time to hang the festoon lighting. Rustic Lighting Co. recommend using cable ties on either side of the socket in the same colour as the cable (black) to attach the lighting to the catenery wire.As an option, you can add an extra cable tie in between the sockets to ensure the cable doesnt dangle below the wire. However, as our sockets are only 600mm spaced this shouldn't be necessary so long as the festoon cable and wire are both pulled quite tight.

Step 5: Install Your LED Globes!

Make sure you still havent plugged in your festoon - and install each of the LED globes into the sockets as per the diagram below.

Don't forget to turn off, and unplug your festoon lighting before removing or replacing globes. Our festoon lighting, due to the way it is manufactured, will continue to light up even if one globe isn't working.  

Step 6: Plug in, and Enjoy the Ambience

Connect your festoon lighting to your power source, sit back and enjoy!
You can contact Rustic Lighting Co. at anytime with installation queries: or +61 8 7325 0914